3D Printing in Colleges and Universities

Developing The Future 3D Printing Experts in Further and Higher Education Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce and with the rise of manufacturing technologies, it’s important to give them the skills they need for future success. 3D printing can help you do this, and by using the latest technology you can also help your department or organisation stand out.


  • Product Design
  • Engineering
  • Dentistry
  • Medical
  • Teaching Aids
  • Research
  • Architecture

Colleges & Universities

3D Printing is not limited to just the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Providing students studying a variety of disciplines access to 3D Printing technology, ensures that students are learning essential basic skills for future innovation. The more affordable and accessible 3D printing becomes, the more industries start using it.

We also work alongside universities to help them develop an SME redistributed manufacturing outreach programme. Assisting them to get a maximum return on their investment.

To find out more about the benefits 3D printing can contribute in a higher education setting, please please get in touch to book your with our experts and have a look at the resources and videos below.

Printing Examples


Watch video stories and read case studies to discover how companies like yours achieve success with 3D printing.

Sector Resources

Hone your 3D printing skills with our library of in-depth guides, step-by-step tutorials, whitepapers, webinars, and more.

Our Customers

Here are some companies that have chosen to use Additive-X as their trusted supplier for additive manufacturing technology,