Onyx Pro

Industrial-Grade 3D Printing for Serious Engineering Applications
Lead-time 2-3 working days
£7,995.00 £9,594.00

Capable of 3D printing Fiberglass-reinforced parts 10x stronger than ABS — the Onyx Pro leverages the power of Continuous Fiber Reinforcement at an unbeatable price point.


The Markforged Onyx Pro is an industrial-grade 3D printer with a difference. With it, you can create prototypes, end-use parts and consumer-facing products that have outstanding strength, wear resistance and durability, and a glorious matte black finish. Start printing with Onyx filament, a chopped carbon fibre and nylon hybrid to create super-strong, tough parts, or go one step further by infusing parts with fiberglass.


Onyx + Fiberglass = Super-Strong, Super-Durable Parts

The Onyx Pro is a Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printer with dual extruders. Designed from the ground up to 3D print carbon fibre, the Onyx Pro has wear-resistant nozzles and industrial-grade mechatronics to ensure maximum uptime and reliability. It supports two materials: Onyx and Fiberglass. Onyx filament is part nylon, part chopped carbon fibre. On its own, it offers outstanding dimensional stability, and the toughness and wear resistance of nylon. However, the Onyx Pro can also print Fiberglass CFF. This material is electrically insulating and has an extremely high compressive strength rating of 97 MPa. You can infuse Onyx parts with Fiberglass CFF, to create end-use parts that are as strong as metal.

3D Printed Wrench

Feature-Packed, and Built with Engineers in Mind

The Onyx Pro is the first Markforged 3D printer to have ‘Turbo Print’, a feature that enables you to print parts at twice the print speed, with no loss of surface detail. Printed at 100-microns, ‘Turbo Print’ reduces print times considerably while keeping parts true to their CAD design. In addition to this, the Onyx Pro has Wi-Fi and is linked to Eiger, Markforged’s cloud-based 3D printing software. Eiger is a dream to use; it has a feature-rich tool set with an STL parts library and an intuitive interface. Eiger also slices your CAD design for you, so it’s an all in one software that will save you time. And, best of all, the Onyx Pro comes with everything you need to get 3D printing right away. In the box, you get the printer (of course), an 800cc Onyx spool, a 50cc Fiberglass CFF spool and an extra print bed.

Desktop Print Farm

All in all, the Onyx Pro is an outstanding 3D printer for engineers. It commands a premium over the Onyx One, but with the ability to print Fibreglass, it is the more capable machine.

Show parts to your customers directly from the print bed - no post processing required.


  • Materials: Print with Onyx and Fiberglass CFF, to create strong, tough parts
  • Turbo Print: Print at twice the speed, without any loss of surface resolution
  • Intuitive: One-button printing and easy slicing with Eiger software
  • Application: Print end-use parts, prototypes, consumer-facing assemblies and more.


What People Say

“The lightweight strength of even just Onyx alone and the manufacturing complexity additive manufacturing allows [meant] builders created unique, lightweight designs that stood out in the arena. Foiled, which ended up taking first place, had a fiber reinforced chassis and weapon insert”
– Alex Crease, Markforged on printing battle robots

“Onyx is one of my favourite materials because it combines stronger composite material with the chemical resistivity of nylon”
– J.R.Everett, Dixon Valve

“Since we do a lot of low volume or one-off jobs, 3D printing is a great way to do that cost effectively...it’s pretty quick and it’s not as expensive as other manufacturing methods.”
– Alan Rencher, Media Blackout

More Information
Layer Height 100 μm default, 200 μm maximum
Build Dimensions 320 mm x 132 mm x 154 mm
Materials Onyx, Fibreglass, Precise PLA
Manufacturer SKU F-PR-4002
Software Eiger (Free Trial)
Connectivity WiFi, USB Stick, Ethernet Cable
Technology Continuous Fibre Reinforcement (CFR)
Power Requirements 100–240 VAC, 150 W (2 A peak)
Brand Markforged
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  • Onyx Pro printer
  • Eiger Software (Cloud based)
  • 1 x True Bed Print Bed
  • Dry box
  • 3 x CFF Nozzles
  • 3 x FFF Nozzles
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