Formlabs Fuse 1 Printer

Formlabs First Benchtop High Performance Selective Laser Sintering 3D Printer
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  • Selective laser sintering (SLS) uses a laser to precisely fuse nylon powder into lightweight, robust parts.
  • Produce functional parts in-house, without the delays of service bureaus.
  • 165 x 165 x 320 mm build volume for bigger parts and higher throughput.
  • No supports. Pack the build chamber with as many parts as you can fit and save time in post‑processing.
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A new wave of independent manufacturing and prototyping starts now with the Fuse 1. Bring production-ready nylon 3D printing onto your benchtop with an affordable, compact selective laser sintering (SLS) platform. 


The Fuse 1 is Formlabs first benchtop SLS 3D Printer. With a large build volume of 165 x 165 x 300mm it, allows you to print a variety of different sized prototypes to large batches of end-use parts. 

The Fuse 1 printer for sale here is the basic package. You also have to purchase  a Service Plan, Sift 1 (if needed) and an industrial vacuum is required.  The Additive-X VIP version is supported by our UK-based team of highly-experienced Formlabs engineers.  

Reliable, consistent printing.

SLS 3D printing fuses nylon powder layer by layer. The unused powder supports the parts during printing so you can create complex, interconnecting designs with no need for support structures.

With patent pending Surface Armor technology, a semi-sintered shell that prints around the surface of the part, the Fuse 1 provides competitive mechanical properties and surface finish without the prohibitive cost or hassle of competitor systems.


Meet the Fuse 1 ecosystem in two minutes:




The Fuse 1 is designed for minimal upkeep. A full color touchscreen interface guides you through every step of printing and maintenance.



With reduced equipment cost, affordable material, and efficient powder recycling, the Fuse 1 is the smart choice for industrial quality SLS 3D printing.



From print setup to powder recovery, our easy-to-use hardware and software are designed to maximize your efficiency at every step of the process.



Sift 1; A Convenient, Intuitive Workflow


Safe, efficient powder recovery.

Meet the side kick to the Fuse 1 the Sift 1 an all-in-one powder recovery station which combines part extraction, powder recovery, storage, and mixing in a single device.

Produce fully-functional parts at a 30% powder refresh rate—with unlimited cycles. This means you can print with up to 70% recycled powder.

Fuse Sift will dispense and mix used and new powder automatically so you can reduce waste and control your powder supply. 

Pack the build chamber with as many parts as you can fit. By doing this you can reduce the time spent in post-processing the parts in the Fuse Sift.

Designed for nonstop throughput.


Add a second removable build chamber, compatible with the Fuse 1 and Fuse Sift, to enable continuous printing and reduce downtime.


Industry leading cooldown times allow you to start a print 1–2 hours after your previous print has finished.


Contact the team at Additive-X to find out more today 01765 694 007

More Information
Colour N/A
Materials Nylon 12 Powder, Nylon 11 Powder
Layer Height 110 microns
Build Dimensions 16.5 x 16.5 x 30 cm
Max Part Size 15.9 × 15.9 × 29.5 cm
Brand Formlabs
Manufacturer SKU FS1-PRINTER-230V
Connectivity WiFi, USB Stick, Ethernet Cable
Technology Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Environmental 18 – 28 ºC
System Requirements Windows 7 (64-bit) and up Mac OS X 10.12 and up OpenGL 2.1 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
Software PreForm Desktop Software
Supported File Formats .STL or .OBJ FORM file output
Dimensions 68.5 x 64.5 x 106.5 cm
Filament Diameter N/A
Weight (KG) 114 kg (without build chamber or powder)
Operating Temperature Up to 200 ºC
Power Requirements EU: 230 VAC, 7.5 A (dedicated circuit)
Laser Specifications Ytterbium Fiber 10W, Laser Spot Size (FWHM) 200 microns
  • Fuse 1 Printer
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Preform Software
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