Privacy Policy

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Effective Date: 4th June 2018


Who is the data controller?

Additive-X Ltd. is the data controller

Registered address:

Additive-X Ltd

College Business Park

Kearsley Road


North Yorkshire



Our Data Protection Officer is Ian Gibbs, he can be contacted on 01765 694 100 or via email:

For what purposes are personal data being processed and what is the legal basis for it?

We have a legal obligation to process your data related to payments and orders to and from Additive-X Ltd

We have a contractual basis for processing your data when you place an order, request a quote or a free sample. We will use this to fulfil orders, provide good customer service and technical support as well as keep track of where things are with you and to provide a better service.

We have a legitimate interest for processing your data where our commercial interests are concerned and we are not doing anything you wouldn't expect or likely to cause you harm. For example, we do not store or process your data of birth.

If none of the above applies to you we will rely on your consent in order to process your data. We will only rely on your consent when processing your data for carrying out direct marketing activities.

We may use your data to tracking your behaviour on our website and in emails in order to better serve you content via ads or emails that we believe may interest you.

We only collect and process the data we need.

Who is the personal data going to be shared with?

We may share your personal data with the following categories of organisation, or they may have access to your data through:

- Cloud software programs (including, but not limited to: Infusionsoft, PipeDrive, Zapier, EventBrite, PandaDoc, Wingify & in order to store and process your data.

- 3D Printer Manufacturers (including, but not limited to: Formlabs, Markforged, 3D Platform) if we feel you have a keen interest in their products.

- Analytics & Research Software (including, but not limited to: Google Analytics, SurveyMonkey and HotJar).

- Couriers (including, but not limited to: DPD and TNT) in order to fulfill your orders and requests.

- Companies providing us with professional services, such as web development or consultancy (including, but not limited to The Hatch).

- Suppliers in order to fulfil your orders, provide technical support and customer service where necessary.


Will my data be transferred out of the EU, and if so will it be safe?

We may store and process your data in the United States of America and your data may be processed by Subprocessors who may be located anywhere in the World. Our processors are all certified under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield framework to ensure the security of your personal data.


How long is my data going to be held?

If you opt-in to marketing communications via email, phone or direct mail we will hold your data indefinitely until you opt-out of all of these, after which we will delete your data unless one of the following also applies: If you make a purchase with us we will store your data for 6 years after the last sale for tax purposes. If you request a quote or a free sample we will hold your data for 12 months.  By visiting the website we will store anonymous data for 50 months before deleting it.


Will I be subject to automatic decision making?

We may send you different content, depending on your industry and job title, in order to provide you with relevant, useful information that we believe will help you. We may also analyse your behaviour to determine your level of engagement with our website and emails. No other automatic decision making will take place.


What rights do I have in respect of the personal data you hold about me?

Your rights are as follows:

- To have your personal data corrected, restricted or erased.

- To port (transfer) your personal data to another controller.

- To withdraw consent, where consent is our legal basis for processing your personal data.

- To access the personal data held about you.

- To object to processing.


Where we have a legal obligation to process your personal data (for example, accounting purposes) you do not have the right to erasure, portability or objection to processing.

Where we have a contractual basis for processing your personal data (for example you bought something from us, request a quote or a free sample) you do not have the right to object, but you do have the right to erasure and portability.

Where we have a legitimate interest for processing your data (for example, where our commercial interests are concerned and we are not doing any processing you wouldn't reasonably expect), you have the right to erasure and to object, but not to portability.

Where we have obtained your consent to process your data you do not have the right to object, but you can withdraw your consent at any time and you do have the right to erasure and portability.

You always have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing, whatever the lawful basis applies.


What happens if I don’t provide my information?

If you don’t provide your information we are unable to provide you a quote, free sample or any other electronic based information. You are able to phone us and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have, but we do encourage you to allow us to use your data to better serve you as a customer.


Who can I complain to if I feel my rights are being violated?

We ask that you first give us the chance to rectify the situation by contacting our Data Protection Officer, Ian Gibbs (details below). Of course you are well within your right to complain to the ICO in the UK if you wish.


Ian Gibbs

Data Protection Officer

Additive-X Ltd

College Business Park

Kearsley Road


North Yorkshire


United Kingdom

01765 694 100


What information do we store and process about you?

We store and process the following information:

- Name

- Company

- Job Title

- Email Addresses

- Phone Numbers

- Addresses

- IP Address


I didn’t give you my personal data, so what is its source and what type of personal data are you processing?

We may have got your data from one of the following sources:

- You gave us your data in return for requesting some free content (such as an white paper or access to a webinar).

- You gave us your data in return for us sending you a free sample.

- You requested a quote from us.

- You made an enquiry about 3D printing or 3D printers.

- Your details were passed to us from a 3D printer manufacturer, for example: Markforged, Formlabs or 3D Platform.

- You gave us your details at a show or an event in order for us to provide you with further information, a free sample or a quote.

- Typically we are just processing your name, email address, phone number, company name, job title and what products you may be interested in.

If none of the above apply to you then there is a good chance we have made a mistake, in which case we apologise unreservedly! Please contact our Data Protection Officer at your first convenience and we will rectify the problem ASAP


What cookies do you store on my device?

By using this website you are agreeing to the placing of cookies on your computer.


Currently we store Google Analytics cookies which is aggregated to provide us with a top level view of our website’s performance and to identify issues, the only possible uniquely identifying data stored is order numbers after an order is placed.


We store cookies which are used by 3rd party advertising companies to determine if the adverts we are placing are effective or not. These simply determine if you get in touch with us or make a purchase that the ad that directed you to our website is registered with a sale. No personal information is used in this process. The 3rd party companies used for this purpose, include, but are not limited to: Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft (Bing) and AdRoll.


We store cookies which are used to serve targeted adverts to you when browsing across other websites that accept advertising. These cookies are provided to us by Google, Facebook, Twitter and AdRoll.


We store cookies created by Infusionsoft which track what pages on our website you visit, then if you use one of our web forms or click a link via an email it can link your browsing habits to our CRM system, this enables us to understand what you are interested in and serve you content in emails that may be more useful to you.


We store cookies created by VWO (a software application by Wingify) which is used to anonymously analyse our website for usability issues and provide testing to improve your user experience.


How do I delete any cookies you have stored on my device?

To stop receiving personalised adverts, please click here: Opt Out of Targeted Advertising


This will remove the cookies that enable our advertising, but it will not remove any third party cookies that have already been placed. We are unable to remove third-party cookies remotely, so you will have to delete these from within your browser settings.


Some cookies are essential for the running and development of the website. These cookies cannot be deleted permanently whilst you use the Additive-X website.

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