Mayku FormBox Desktop Vacuum Forming Machine

A Desktop Vacuum Former for Making Stuff. Fast.
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Bring your ideas to life with the new FormBox from Mayku.


  • Use anywhere: Works with any vacuum cleaner
  • Quality: Produces accurate vacuum forms
  • Materials: Create items out of Concrete, Soap, Plaster, Chocolate, Wax, Plastics (such as PET-G, HIPS, ABS) and more!
  • Speedy production: Vacuum form your ideas in seconds
  • Easy to use: Learn how to vacuum form using the FormBox starter guide and tutorials.
  • 2 year warranty: 2 year manufacturer's warranty included as standard


The Makyu FormBox is an exciting production tool for designers, hobbyists and businesses alike. Using a special adaptor, you can use any vacuum cleaner to vacuum form thermoplastic over moulds. Manufacture prototypes in seconds and use your FormBox as a versatile partner in your production line.

FormBox Vacuum Forming Animation

How does it work? Insert a thermoplastic sheet into the FormBox and make a mould of something you’d like to create. Place the mould onto on the FormBox bed and then switch on the heater, let the material warm up, and pull the heated material over the mould. Then, switch on the vacuum to make a 3D form. Simple.

FormBox with Henry the Hoover

The process is as easy as 1-2-3. Best of all, it’s reliable. It delivers consistent results, allowing you to manufacture several prototypes in minutes.

Materials and uses

For forming, the FormBox is compatible with PET-G, HIPS, ABS, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyethylene and acrylic PMMA, but we recommend using the Mayku Form Sheets and Cast Sheets. For casting, you can use any material in liquid or powdered form, including concrete, plaster silicone, chocolate and jelly.







In terms of uses, the FormBox is suitable for a wide range of applications. Anyone with a need for vacuum forming to create products can use the FormBox. This is a portable, desktop-friendly vacuum former for everyone. It’s also the perfect partner for your 3D printer. You can 3D print unique, intricate moulds at home and use the FormBox to replicate the shape. You can then fill the form. Work with both machines to design and make your brightest ideas. Develop new product iterations and watch as your creativity flourishes.

Finished Chair with Form 2 and FormBox


What People Say

“What looks great about the FormBox is how dead simple it makes this process. There's no "scanning" or software or digital model manipulation”
Eric Limer, Popular Mechanics

“It’s an interesting alternative to 3D modeling if you don’t have the patience to wait for traditional printing.”
Natt Garun, TNW

“FormBox turns your home or workspace table into a mini factory.”
Jenner Deal, Business Insider

“The speed and flexibility turns it into more of a factory than a printer, and opens the door to projects that just aren't practical otherwise.”
Jon Fingas, Engadget

More Information
Materials Concrete, Soap, Plaster, Jesmonite, Chocolate, Wax, Plastics
Build Dimensions 200 mm x 200 mm
Brand Mayku
Manufacturer SKU FBA180123EU
Technology Vacuum Forming
Dimensions 466 mm (width) x 274 mm (depth) x 315 mm (height)
Weight (KG) 13
Operating Temperature 160°C - 340°C
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  • FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former included UK power supply and plug
  • 1Kg of Mayku Pour - Casting Material
  • 20 x Cast Sheets
  • 20 x Form Sheets
  • Vacuum Connector Tube
  • Starter Book
  • Safety Info
  • 3 x Starter Projects
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