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Resin Tank LT is a tank made especially for those who demand the most from their 3D printer. With a lifetime of up to 20x longer than standard resin tanks the Resin Tank LT is the way forward for intensive and high-production printing.


The Resin Tank LT is compatible with all Formlabs materials including Dental SG and High Temp cartridges. The additional lifetime of the Resin Tank LT means that use of these cartridges, which would normally wear down a resin tank quickly, is no longer as time or manpower consuming because the tanks need to be replaced less often. Avoid storing these resins for longer than one month in the tank to prevent resin leaks and subsequent damage.


Not content with only an extended lifetime, the Resin Tank LT also contains more accurate printer detection, anti-spill geometry and easier wiper release to improve your printing experience even more.


Resin Tank LT is compatible with the following materials:


  • Required: Tough 2000, Tough 1500, Grey Pro, Rigid, Elastic 50A, Flexible 80A

    New tank recommended for every 1-2 L of resin.
  • Recommended: Castable Wax, Denture Base, Denture Teeth.

  • Compatible: Standard Resins, Dental Resins, Durable, Tough, High Temp, Flexible, Castable.

    Offers at least two times longer lifetime than the standard resin tank when printing with these resins.
  • Not compatible: Ceramic.


The following Formlabs materials wear down standard resin tanks more quickly than standard resins:

Castable Resin, Dental SG Resin, Denture Teeth Resin, Denture Base Resin, High Temp Resin, Model Resin


Other products may also carry the “LT” name. This is to distinguish the fact they are long-term products as opposed to standard.


Please note: The Resin Tank LT is NOT a requirement for using Dental LT resin.

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  • Form 2 Resin Tank LT
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  • Can I reuse resin?
    Yes. You can reuse resin that is in your tank after a print, please do not return resin to the resin cartridge to avoid potential contamination. The Form 2 orange cover protects unused resin from ambient light.
  • Can I store unused resin in the resin tank?
    Outside of the printer or resin cartridge, resin can be stored in the standard Resin Tank with the lid on for up to one month and in Resin Tank LT with the lid on for up to two months. Empty or use any excess resin before storing resin tanks for longer than this. Do not pour liquid resin back into the original container.
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