Formlabs Tough 2000 Resin 1 Litre - V1

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Tough 2000 Resin for Rugged Prototyping

Tough 2000 Resin is the strongest and stiffest material in our functional family of Tough and Durable Resins. Choose Tough 2000 Resin for prototyping strong and sturdy parts that should not bend easily.


Tough 2000 Resin is ideal for:

- Strong and stiff prototypes

- Jigs and fixtures requiring minimal deflection

- Simulating the strength and stiffness of ABS


Technical data:

Due to its high strength and modulus, Tough 2000 Resin can handle higher stress and will hold its shape better under load compared to Tough 1500 or Durable Resins. When pushed to its stress limit, Tough 2000 parts will bend significantly before ultimately breaking.


Please note: must be used with Formlabs LT Resin Tank on the Form 2 and Resin Tank V2 on the Form 3.

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Version V1
Brand Formlabs
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