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The Formlabs Form Cure is an all-new, state-of-the-art UV curing station that’s been specifically designed and engineered for Form 2 and Form 3 3D printed parts.


Providing a reliable and professional post-curing solution, the Form Cure has a heated chamber up to 80 °C and bathes parts in 405 nm UV light. 13 multi-directional UV LEDs and a rotating turntable ensure complete penetration, while a constant heart source bakes parts to achieve the most desirable finish for all engineering resins.


The Form Cure is exceptionally easy to use too. It has its own digital interface, with pre-programmed settings. The default setting is suitable for Standard Resins, and there’s also Recommended settings for specialist resins. Of course, the Form Cure also has a Quick Start guide, to help you make the most of it straight from the box.

More Information
Manufacturer SKU FH-CU-01
Technology Stereolithography (SLA)
Operating Temperature Suggested 18—28 °C
Power Requirements 90–240 V 6.0 A 50/60 Hz 144 W
Dimensions 26.2 x 26.2 x 34.0 cm
Weight (KG) 5.6kg
Brand Formlabs
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  • Do I need to post-cure parts?
    Post-curing is necessary for stereolithography-printed parts, because most resins are not chemically or mechanically sound fresh from the print bed. A 405nm light source triggers a chemical reaction, which strengthens parts through the formation of new bonds. By post-curing, Standard Resins become stronger, Castable Resins burnout cleaner and Engineering Resins can meet their quoted mechanical properties for strength.
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