3DGence Module M360 (For INDUSTRY F421)

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Enables INDUSTRY F421 users to print high quality ULTEM™ prints and high strength PC models

Module M360

M360 is a high temperature module that enables INDUSTRY F421 user to print the models of ULTEM™ – high performance polymer of very good mechanical properties and capable of withstanding high temperatures. M360 can print also engineering grade materials, such as PC.


  • Double printhead
  • High quality ULTEM™ prints on INDUSTRY F421
  • High strength PC models

Model materials
PC, ULTEM (only for INDUSTRY F421)
Support materials
ESM-10 (soluble)

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Change the module and use one 3D printer for all jobs

Modular system used in the 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 and INDUSTRY F350 is a practical and cost-effective solution. 3DGence modular system is unique in the industrial 3D printers segment. The possibility of using three different modules in one 3D printer allows you to produce repeatable models from the widest range of filaments. Each module is customised to a specific group of materials in order to optimize the printing process. Internal modules memory saves the time that would be used for calibration. All the modules are also equipped with dual hotends and inactive nozzle lifting system.


Compare the 3DGence Modules





Print temperature Up to 280°C Up to 360°C Up to 500°C
Nozzle diameter 0,5 / 0,5 mm 0,4 / 0,4 mm 0,4 / 0,4 mm
Model materials ABS, ASA, PLA, PA6 PC PC, ULTEM (only for INDUSTRY F421) PEEK, PEKK (only for INDUSTRY F421)
Support materials HIPS (breakaway), ESM-10 (soluble) ESM-10 (soluble) ESM-10 (soluble)



More Information
Manufacturer SKU B0600040100006
Technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Operating Temperature Up to 360 ºC
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