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MarkForged Kevlar® CFF filament is the most flexible composite filament in the MarkForged range. Kevlar filament offers a solution for prototype and end-use parts that need to be durable and impact resistant.

Unique to this filament is its abrasion resistance. It is very resistant to surface wear, and it has higher compressive strain at break characteristics than Carbon Fibre or Fibreglass. It also has a lower flexural strength and a lower compressive strength. Nylon parts reinforced with Kevlar® CFF filament are therefore flexible yet strong, and this means that there are a wide range of applications for it. One such application we saw recently was for the design of landing gear for an autonomous drone, which required flexible but very strong landing gear.

Kevlar® CFF filament is printed with Markforged's unique Continuous Filament Fabrication print head alongside a Fused Filament Fabrication print head. Parts are printed with high-grade nylon, and reinforced with continuous strands of Kevlar. These continuous filaments are what give parts their strength and in Kevlar’s case, their flexibility.

Buy your Kevlar CFF filament in a 50cm³ or 150cm³ spool from GoPrint3D today.
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Materials Kevlar
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