Markforged Carbon Fibre Filament

The backbone of aluminum-strength composite parts
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MarkForged Carbon Fibre CFF filament is a breakthrough product. This filament can be used to reinforce nylon parts printed using compatible Markforged 3D printers with carbon fibre, and it is the perfect filament for parts that require extremely high levels of stiffness and strength. It actually has the best strength-to-weight ratio of any filament in the MarkForged range, and it also boasts the highest thermal conductivity.

MarkForged knew they were onto something special with this filament, the first time they pulled apart off the print bed. When they went to bend the part reinforced with carbon fibre, instead of bending like nylon-only printed parts did, the carbon fibre reinforced part had no give whatsoever. In fact, it had all the stiffness and strength of regular carbon fibre.

Whether or not this MarkForged Carbon Fibre CFF filament is right for your parts, depends on your requirements in terms of strength-to-weight, the level of thermal conductivity you need and of course, your budget. Carbon Fibre filament is the most expensive in the range, higher even than Kevlar® CFF filament, but it’s well worth the cost for end-use parts that will be put under a lot of stress. Buy yours online in a 50cm³ or 150cm³ spool from Additive-X today.

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Materials Carbon Fibre
Brand markforged
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