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High Strength, High Temperature Fiberglass (HSHT) is twice as strong as Markforged’s standard Fibreglass CFF filament with a 30 per cent higher heat deflection temperature (140°C vs. 105°C).

It is also cheaper to buy than Carbon Fibre CFF, and it comes in at a price that’s not significantly more expensive than standard Fibreglass CFF, despite being a superior material.

HSHT Applications

High Strength, High Temperature Fiberglass is ideal for parts that will operate in a high temperature environment, such as near an exhaust system, however it can be used in cooler environments just as well. Its high-strength properties mean that it can replace your existing fibreglass parts for added strength. Nylon parts that are embedded with continuous strands of HSHT Fibreglass retain their strength in even the hottest environments.

What else do I need to know?

High Strength, High Temperature Fiberglass is a unique 3D printing material designed for applications where extreme temperature resistance and strength is required.

HSHT Fibreglass is available in 50cm³ and 150cm³ spools, please ensure your 3D printer is compatible before use. Using HSHT Fibreglass with a non-compatible 3D printer model will void your warranty with Markforged, so please don’t attempt it.

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Materials High Temp Fibreglass
Brand Markforged
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