Formlabs Flexible Resin Cartridge V2 (1L)

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This Formlabs Flexible Resin Cartridge is compatible with the Form 2 3D printer. To use with the Form 1+, just pour out the resin from the cartridge into the resin tray.

Formlabs’ Flexible Resin has elastomeric properties that make it super-squishy and super-fun to print with. Parts printed with this resin are bendable and compressible and this gives them unrivalled impact resistance for functional engineering prototypes.

We’ve seen this resin used to print everything from handles and grips to silicone-like smartphone cases, and from O-rings and gaskets to RC tyres. We’ve also seen it used to print parts that provide additional impact resistance on parts printed with Formlabs’ Tough Resin, thanks to its excellent shock absorption capabilities.

Printed parts appear matte and translucent, depending on their thickness, and with the potential to print at layer resolutions of 50 microns, parts take on excellent detail too. Due to this, Flexible Resin isn’t just for parts that will be hidden; doing so would be a waste.

Things to consider are that while this resin is bendable and compressible, it isn’t stretchable because it has low elongation. In addition, taller features are difficult to print, because the resin has a tendency to wilt. Furthermore, it requires UV post-cure.

Flexible Resin is available to buy today in 1L cartridges.
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Materials Flexible Resin
Manufacturer SKU RS-F2-FLGR-02
Weight (KG) 1
Brand Formlabs
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