BCN3D Epsilon W50 3D Printer

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BCN3D Epsilon W50 is a powerful professional 3D printer from BCN3D. It is designed to deliver large-scale parts with industrial-grade materials, thanks to features such as its passive heated chamber and full enclosure. Powered by BCN3D's Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) system, the Epsilon W50 delivers exceptionally strong functional parts with quality and precision.


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Layer Height 0.05mm - 0.5mm (custom profiles)
Build Dimensions 420mm x 300mm x 400mm
Materials Standard materials: PLA, PET-G, TPU 98A, PVA Technical materials: ABS, PP, PA Composite materials (only with Hotend X): PP GF30, PAHT CF15
Software BCN3D Cura
Connectivity WiFi, SD Card, Ethernet Cable
Technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Operating Temperature 15° C - 30° C
Dimensions Overall dimensions: 690mm (W) x 530mm (D) x 900mm (H)
Weight (KG) 37kg
Brand BCN3D
  • BCN3D Epsilon W50
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