Lynxter S600D 3D Printer

One-of-a-kind 3D printer. Print with filaments (thermoplastics), liquids (silicones), pastes (ceramics) in high quality.
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Welcome to the new generation of addititve manufacturing!

The Lynxter S600D is a one-of-a-kind 3D printer made for Industry 4.0


Enabling printing with an infinite range silicones, thermoplastics and ceramics means finding the right material for your application with the Lynxter S600D is easy.


It’s quick-change toolhead technology allows you to set up and print with the toolhead and nozzles of your choice in a matter of just minutes. For a new print project in a different material, simply change the toolhead!



Industrial and Medical Grade Silicones

Print liquid silicone elastomers with a wide range of shore hardness levels and viscosities. Choose the LIQ11 toolhead for single-component silicones or the LIQ21 toolhead for two-component materials.

The Lynxter S600D is the leading professional 3D printer for silicone additive manufacturing in medical and industrial sectors as well as R&D.



An Infinite Range Of Materials

The S600D 3D printer can print with any material and can be easily adapted for different printing needs within one same project.

Thermoplastic filament, liquid silicone or ceramic paste: Lynxter’s 3D printer and its toolheads use both the fused deposition modelling (FDM/FFF) and LAM (Liquid Additive Manufacturing) printing processes.

These technologies offer an extrusion of varied and complex materials used in sectors like R&D, aerospace, aeronautics, railway, medical or even textile.


Why Choose Lynxter S600D?

Versatile Technology

Multi-material, multi-process.
The S600D can print a wide range of materials using different processes: filaments (thermoplastics), liquids (silicones), pastes (ceramics) in high quality.


Limitless Experience

Lynxter technology is open. They share our 3d printing procedures and propose extensive online documentation: their lab is yours. Print in one of their previously selected materials or experiment with new ones.


An Evolving Machine

The S600D 3D printer is constantly evolving with a growing list of new modules that can be added or changed. The S600D evolves as 3D printing progresses: its flexibility and modularity ensure its adaptation to tomorrow’s technologies.


Optimal Performance

Fitted with a filtration system and a heated enclosure, the S600D 3D printer supports high-temperature printing. With a large print volume of ⌀390mm x 600mm, the S600D offers high-performance print speed while ensuring a quality end product.


Simple and Accessible

The system is agile and practical for all users. With a comprehensive and straightforward integrated web interface, the S600D can be controlled remotely and independently (automatic calibration).


Safe and Reliable

The S600D professional 3D printer respects the health and safety of the user thanks to a closed and filtered printing environment (HEPA H14/active carbon).



More Information
Layer Height 50μm to >1mm
Build Dimensions 390mm x 600mm
Materials Filaments (thermoplastics), liquids (silicones), pastes (ceramics) in high quality.
Manufacturer SKU LX0000001
Connectivity USB Cable
Technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Operating Temperature Heated build plate: 20°C to 180°C Build volume: 20°C to 80°C Water-cooled toolhead
Power Requirements L230V AC 16A 50-60Hz
Dimensions W 913 x L 851 x H 1644 mm
Brand Lynxter
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