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The Form 3 Build Platform is a swappable part, so while one is out of action, you can use another to keep on printing. In other words, having more than one Build Platform enables you to maximise uptime and print more stuff. 


The Form 3 Build Platform itself is simple to buy - it’s only available in one specification, which is suitable for printing with all Formlabs resins.


It’s also easy to swap out - just slot the new Build Platform into place and make sure it’s lined up with no errors. You can then go ahead and insert a new resin cartridge if needed. If it isn’t, the Form 3 maintains a stable resin temperature between print jobs so you can start another print job immediately. 


We recommend two build platforms if you want to run your Form 3 constantly. We also recommend you replace one build platform if you scratch or damage the surface 3D prints come into contact with. The build platform should always be kept clean and free from cured resin to avoid unnecessary scraping. 


Build platforms are relatively inexpensive pieces of kit to replace. You can buy yours from us with confidence. We’re an official Formlabs partner.


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