Ultimaker 2/2+/3/S3 Glass Bed

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Prints sticking to your Ultimaker’s glass print bed? Struggle to get your printed parts off the glass plate without breaking them? Then you need new print table glass. This is a consumable part, but the good news is replacement glass is relatively inexpensive.


The Ultimaker Replacement Glass Bed listed here is an official Ultimaker product. It is compatible with the Ultimaker 2, Extended 2, 2 Plus, Extended 2 Plus, 3, 3 Extended and S3 3D printers. It is a direct replacement for your existing print table glass, with the same super-smooth finish as the original.


We recommend replacing your glass bed whenever it becomes scratched or marked to ensure that your prints have an even surface to stick to; scratches and marks are commonly the result of using tools to remove printed parts. A top tip for minimising the need to use tools to remove your prints is to let the print and glass cool fully first. Or, you can use Ultimaker’s special glue. This can be watered down or used neat to make removal easier.


To find out more about this Ultimaker Replacement Glass Bed or for help choosing the right Ultimaker parts, simply give our a team a call on 01765 540 115 or email team@additive-x.com 

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