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  • Verified prints off the print bed – Get known good parts at the point of fabrication. Generate, compare, and automatically store quality reports for any part printed with Blacksmith.
  • Accessible and integrated workflow – Integrate regular part inspection into your additive workflow with a single click. No specialized training or complicated inspection equipment needed.
  • Confirmed fleet conformity – Print consistent, predictable parts across a global fleet. Remove any headaches about part variability.
  • Controlled additive quality process – Establish a standardized process for measuring additively manufactured parts.
  • Expand additive applications – Transition business critical parts from traditional manufacturing to additive manufacturing with increased confidence in part quality.

Markforged Blacksmith is available as a software subscription on all cloud-connected Markforged X7 printers.


Blacksmith is provisioned through over-the-air updates for easy customer access and requires an OEM-certified reference bed calibration.



Markforged has released it's revolutionary tool, Blacksmith, an automated, in-process quality control software for the Markforged Industrial X7 3D printer which gives manufacturers accurate parts, right from the print bed.


Blacksmith learns through AI and  connects part design, production, and inspection it is described as an adaptive manufacturing platform that continuously evolves and expands in its capability.


For the first time, the printer is fully aware of the parts it produces. Blacksmith uses in-process part inspection to give customers confidence in the part after every print. By streamlining this workflow, Blacksmith makes the world’s factories more cost-efficient, accelerates time to market and reduces the cost of production.


Blacksmith’s easy-to-use intelligent software harnesses the power of the X7’s existing integrated laser micrometer and a patented smart scanning process to securely measure parts as they are being printed. The part dimensional data is then automatically evaluated against the intended design files. Scanning while printing will enable inspection of the inner part structure and critical features that would otherwise be impossible in a single step after fabrication.


Blacksmith Process

1. Calibrate machine

A series of automated calibration procedures is completed to ensure each printer is operating at the high standards required for Blacksmith.


2. Print & scan part

Blacksmith harnesses the power of the X7’s existing integrated laser micrometer and a patented intelligent scanning process to securely measure parts as they are printed.


3. Compare scan data to STL

Blacksmith collects measurement data during the print, and assembles a point cloud for review in Eiger. This point cloud is automatically registered and overlaid on the input STL for comparison.


4. Report data

View the deviation across the part’s geometry, and set tolerance limits to assess part quality. The print report is saved in Eiger and can be referenced at any future date.


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