Lynxter FIL21 Filament Extruder

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Thanks to Direct Drive 3D printing technology, the FIL21 makes 3D printing more reliable: it then allows a significant gain in speed, possible by reducing friction and increasing throughput.

The FIL21 can also print wider and denser layers, which reduces the number of printing layers and therefore saves additional time.


FIL21 Features

Extrusion: 2 supply lines and 1 filament extrusion line ⌀1.75 mm.

Maximum extrusion temperature: 450°C

Interchangeable nozzle diameter and materials: ⌀0.25 mm to ⌀1.2 mm brass, stainless steel, reinforced steel

More Information
Layer Height 100μm to >1mm
Build Dimensions ⌀390mm x 600mm
Brand Lynxter
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  • Lynxter FIL21 Filament Extruder
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