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Filkemp 3D Print Master Pro PETG is engineered to print at a lower temperature than standard PETG, making it suited to a wider range of 3D printers. It flows well at 215-230 °C, yielding very rigid, high-strength parts.


PETG is one of the most widely used plastics in manufacturing, and in the case of 3D printing it is perfectly capable of replacing ABS. PETG is stronger and more durable than ABS. It’s also less brittle and less likely to warp.


PETG is easy to print with a smooth surface finish. Unlike ABS, it is available in solid and transparent colours, enabling you to make clear parts.


This particular PETG is odourless with crystal clear transparency. It doesn’t warp on the print bed, boosting repeatability per part. It’s made by Filkemp, a global leader in the manufacture of polymers and copolymers. You can use it to print parts at the speed of PLA, with the final strength and toughness of ABS.


It’s available in 1.75mm or 2.85mm diameter, and in multiple colours, including red, black, and clear. The filament comes on a spool and can be printed by most 3D printers with an open filament system (contact us if you’re unsure).


Please note that pictures here are for information only. Actual material colours may vary slightly.


We are an authorised Filkemp distributor and reseller in the United Kingdom. If you have any questions about PETG, please contact us.

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