DIMAFIX Spray Can 400ml

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  • Easy to use
  • Very good adhesion
  • Suitable for many materials

There are currently shortages in the supply of Dimafix due to COVID-19. 

Good adhesion of your printed parts on the print bed is a must in 3D printing!


DimaFix is an aerosol spray adhesive for 3D printers with a heated print bed that prevents warping of large objects. It provides a strong bond between the first layer and the build surface when the bed is heated above 60 ° C.


Below 60 ° C DimaFix is ineffective, so prints can be easily removed from the building board.


The adhesive spray is completely water-soluble, so cleaning the construction panel is a simple process.


Different print bed temperatures lead to different degrees of adhesion:

Below 60 ° C: No adhesion, the objects can be detached from the plate
60 - 75 ºC: Medium adhesion for simple geometries
75 - 95 ºC: High adhesion for complex geometries and long prints
Above 95 ºC: Very high adhesion, for very complex geometries and very long prints


Please Note - Due to restrictions on pressurised containers, this product is only available to mainland UK customers.


Diamfix Features for different operating temperature ranges

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