3D Platform

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3D Platform is a manufacturer of large-format 3D printers widely used in engineering workshops and by manufacturers to fabricate large models and parts. These robust and reliable machines are sized to meet any need, and although they appear basic at a glance, the features they pack are anything but. We’re talking about the ability to use HFE or Volcano extruders, auto-mesh bed levelling, SurePrint Step-Servo hybrid motors and 7” TFT displays. These features ensure the 3D Platform range transcends lesser machines. So much so 3D Platform lay claim to a wide range of big brands - such as Caterpillar, Nike, Recaro and FedEx - using their 3D printers somewhere along their production line.

With a 3D Platform printer you will find the blazing fast motors and high-flow extruders meet your demanding applications. The open filament system means you can test any materials that take your fancy. This also means materials can be as affordable or specialist as you like, from economy PLA to special filaments from Additive-X. Industry trusts 3D Platform printers because they are tried, tested and proven to deliver consistent results. With no enclosed build chamber - a necessity of size and design - they also allow for the monitoring of prints on the shop floor.