AMT PostPro DP

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Suitable for all commonly used materials and geometries, and additionally can be used for shot blasting. Delivering parts ready for use or for other post-processing steps.



Machines gently clean large batches of parts in less than 10 minutes. Recipes and basket angles can be adjusted and stored, achieving reproducible results and maximum output.



Operator-friendly design configuration allows for a safer and more efficient user experience. Easy to install and use, and CE certified.

PostPro DP is the affordable cleaning and shot blasting system from AMT. It has everything needed to start with your automated post-processing workflow.

It is suitable for all common abrasives. Features include a large basket with 2 spray nozzles, ionization unit to reduce static electricity, and ventilator system with high extraction rate to prevent windows from getting dusty. CE and ATEX certified.




PostPro DP won’t let you down. The machine is very robust and is built to last. You will be up and running in the blink of an eye and maximizing output for years to come.


Ideal size


PostPro DP is operator-friendly. With the operating panel and basket at an ergonomic height, the user can comfortably load the machine and adjust parameters. 




We believe that everybody should have access to automated cleaning. Simple.





  • Equipped with an ionization unit that reduces static electricity, and therefore results in “dust-free” parts. 


  • Cyclone provides efficient and effective blast media and dust separation to ensure an optimal operating mixture. 


  • Ventilator system with high extraction rate to prevent dust build up in the working chamber and enhanced visibility. 


  • Quick-clean sealed dust bin to store waste dust and powder from the filter unit.
More Information
Manufacturer SKU 400100
Technology Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Operating Temperature Room temperature of between 10° C and 40° C.
Power Requirements 3 x 400V, 50hz, earth and zero, 16A
Dimensions 1.626 x 1.600 x 2.206 mm
Weight (KG) 600
Brand AMT
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