3DGence PEEK 1.75mm 500g

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PEEK by 3D4MAKERS is widely used in the most demanding engineering applications, from automotive housings and piston parts, to valve parts and insulation. It can substitute aluminium in many cases because of its desirable mechanical and thermal properties, as well as its impressive chemical resistance.


This particular strain of PEEK is designed to be 3D printed with excellent dimensional stability, making it just as suited to making detailed prototypes as it is lightweight and durable end-use parts. It’s compatible with 3DGence printers and other FFF printers with an open filament system that can reach an extruder temp of 360 - 400°C.


To print PEEK with the 3DGence F340, you need to use the HT MAX module because of the high temperature requirement.


When printed, 3D4MAKERS PEEK has a tensile strength of 105 MPa which is far superior to most other plastics. For example, ABS has a tensile strength of 47 MPa and PC has a tensile strength of 62 MPa. This makes PEEK the most suitable material for mechanical applications, as well as high-impact and high-wear applications.


PEEK can also be paired with 3DGence ESM-10, a solvent-soluble support material for printing complex geometries and overhangs. Applications for PEEK include engineering, automotive, aerospace, nautical, medical and construction.

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Materials PEEK
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Weight (KG) 0.5
Brand 3DGence
Colour Natural
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