Markforged Nylon White Filament 800cm³

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Markforged Nylon White is an all-new filament for 2019. It is the successor to Markforged Tough Nylon, offering improved smoothness, a whiter finish, greater strength, and greater stiffness. It is compatible with all Markforged continuous fibres (Kevlar, Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass, HSHT Fibreglass) and can be used with the same print head you use to print Onyx. You can use them interchangeably.


Unlike Onyx, which is a nylon and chopped carbon fibre hybrid material, White Nylon is 100% nylon which means it exhibits outstanding abrasion resistance with good flexibility to suit a different range of applications. The surface finish is smoother than that of Tough Nylon, yet the material is just as easy to print with.


Reinforcing White Nylon with a continuous composite fibre such as Fibreglass strengthens and stiffens parts considerably. With the correct material ratio, parts can exhibit strength greater than 6061 aluminium. White Nylon makes up the outer shell, inner fill, and supports of a part, with fibre embedded where necessary. 


Please note you need to re-slice your parts if you intend to print parts in White Nylon you would typically print in Tough Nylon. This can be done in Eiger.


3D printers compatible with White Nylon are as follows: Markforged Mark Two, Markforged X7. There is best practice to follow if you plan to use White Nylon and Onyx interchangeably. Details can be found here.

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Materials Nylon
Brand Markforged
Colour White
  • Markforged Nylon White Filament
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