Markforged Smooth TPU 95A

Smooth TPU addresses a wide range of high-value, end-use applications.
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  • Makes prototyping fast, cost-effective, and seamless

  • A great alternative for low-volume production

  • Accurate parts with functional strength

  • Consistent reliability

  • Simple to use, no print tuning required for high-quality parts

Markforged Smooth TPU 95A is a rubber-like material that when used with Markforged composite printers offers product developers and manufacturers the ability to create flexible, impact-absorbent parts on demand. Manufacturers have historically struggled to produce flexible parts in low volumes.

Printing Smooth TPU on Markforged 3D printers provides an efficient way to make high-quality flexible parts in low-to-medium volumes. 

Markforged Smooth TPU 95A now offers manufacturers the ability to make one-off flexible parts with stunning geometric fidelity and surface finish. Manufacturers can now make anything from prototype consumer products all the way to production parts on an easy-to-use and reliable platform. 


Smooth TPU is compatible with the Onyx Pro (Gen 2), Mark Two (Gen 2) 

A Markforged Composite Purge Kit is needed when printing Smooth TPU . 


More Information
Materials Soft TPU
Brand Markforged
  • Markforged Smooth TPU-95A
  • What is the shelf life of Smooth TPU?

    As long as the packaging remains sealed (to prevent exposure to moisture) the material should have a shelf life of over 2 years

  • When should I use Smooth TPU?
    • Printing parts that require flexibility (like drive belts)
    • Printing parts that need to be soft (like bumpers / protective coverings on a manufacturing floor)
    • Printing parts that need to be squeezed between gaps of components without damaging them (gaskets)
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