Markforged Copper Material 200cm³

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With Markforged Copper, you can manufacture complex and intricate functional parts in pure copper with the Metal X.

Copper is a notoriously difficult and time-consuming metal to process with traditional methods like forging, casting and machining. However, where it is an unsuitable choice with these methods, it is perfect for 3D printing.

3D printing is the most efficient and cost-effective way to make geometrically complex, intricate and detailed parts from copper. It is also the only way to achieve certain designs, with CNC machining offering a different scope of capability.

Markforged Copper is pure copper - 99.8% Cu by weight. The Metal X prints it in powder form surrounded by a plastic. This Markforged-proprietary printing process is called ADAM (Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing).

Parts printed in copper form into solid, dense metal during sintering, which can be achieved using the Markforged Sinter 1. This baking process renders copper parts up to 99.7% dense, so they can be used just like forged parts.

Copper is the ideal material for making heat sinks, electrical equipment for wiring and motors, welding arms, complex busbars, fixings and more. With the Metal X, you can now make these complex parts faster than ever before.  

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