Inconel 625 Material 200cm³

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Inconel 625 is categorised as a superalloy, exhibiting excellent mechanical strength, toughness, and temperature and oxidation resistance.

Markforged Inconel 625 is specially engineered for 3D printing, exhibiting the same properties as the cast alloy when sintered. Sintering turns parts into solid, dense metal with crystal growth throughout all axes. It’s easy to print and sinters perfectly, allowing you to create functional prototypes and end-use parts.


The material meets the chemical requirements of ASTM B443, the tensile strength requirements of ASTM E8, and the hardness requirements of ATM E18. It has a lower tensile strength than 17-4PH stainless steel at lower temperatures, but it is stronger at higher temperatures, making it a better choice for harsh and hot environments.

Inconel is widely used in marine, chemical processing, power processing and aerospace applications. A notable use case is crucible clips, which are used to hold molten ore samples in place during metalworking. It has also become a standard material in construction, owing to its high temp and wear resistance.


While Inconel 625 is a traditionally difficult metal to machine with high labour and tooling costs, 3D printing with the Metal X changes that.

With 3D printing, waste material, labour costs, tooling costs, and lead time are significantly reduced. In turn, this significantly reduces the total cost per part, thus opening up exciting use cases and applications, including those where you would perhaps normally reach for the cheaper stainless-steel option.

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