H13 Tool Steel Material 200cm³

H13 Tool Steel Filament for the Metal X
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H13 Tool Steel is a tough, high-wear tooling steel suitable for demanding hot work applications. It is abrasion-resistant at low and high temps, and exhibits high strength at low and high temps, making it a great multi-purpose steel.

Markforged H13 Tool Steel is specially engineered for 3D printing with the Metal X. Parts can be used as-sintered, or they can be heat-treated to optimise their mechanical properties. As-sintered parts demonstrate a hardness of 40 HRC and a tensile strength of 1,420 MPa; heat-treated parts demonstrate a hardness of 45 HRC and a tensile strength of 1,500 MPa - an 11% and 5% increase respectively.


You can use H13 Tool Steel for forming, blanking, and tooling to create dies, punches, rollers, blades, plates, pressure pads, stems, rams, inserts and bending tools.

H13 is widely used in engineering and manufacturing applications, but it is also used in construction and industrial environments. It is low-cost, easy to machine, high-wear and can be repurposed, making it an extremely useful metal.


One of the most desirable characteristics of H13 Tool Steel is it resists thermal fatigue cracking as a result of heating and cooling cycles. The ability to withstand these cycles is why H13 is considered the best hot work tooling steel.

Markforged H13 meets the hardness requirements of ASTM E18. It achieves its greatest hardness and strength with double tempering at 600C. For this, you can use the Markforged Sinter 1, an oven specially designed for 3D printed parts.

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