Formlabs Surgical Guide Resin 1L V1

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Formlabs Surgical Guide Resin is a speciality resin for dental guided surgeries. It is the strongest such material in the Formlabs range. Compared to the now discontinued Dental SG Resin, Surgical Guide Resin has a higher flexural strength and flexural modulus. This means it is stronger and stiffer.


The flexural strength of Surgical Guide Resin is 70 MPa which is 20 MPa higher than Dental SG Resin. The flexural modulus of Surgical Guide Resin is 2000 MPa, which is 500 MPa higher than Dental SG Resin. In every measurable way, Surgical Guide Resin is the far superior resin and our real-world tests have shown it to be superior in practice too.


Surgical Guide Resin works with both Form 2 LT and Form 3 V1 and V2 Resin Tanks, so it can
be printed by the Form 2 and Form 3 / 3L / 3B 3D printers. Use it to make surgical guides, drilling templates, pilot drill guides and device sizing templates. Surgical Guide Resin was extensively developed with the input of orthodontics specialists to exceed dental demands. It can be utilised in a dental lab or dentist’s office to 3D print premium-quality dental guides in 24-hours or less.

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