Formlabs Durable Resin Cartridge V2 (1L)

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Formlabs’ Durable Resin 3D is a high-performance 3D printing material that’s been formulated to be used in manufacturing and design applications. It prints clean and smooth, with a finish comparable to that of a high-quality ABS, and printed models have outstanding stiffness and durability, comparable to polypropylene (PP) plastic.


Because it is resilient and fatigue resistant, Durable is the ideal material for 3D printing parts for consumer-facing assemblies, and for prototyping consumer products. Products and parts printed with Durable are strong, stiff and durable, with excellent impact and abrasion resistance. Durable is also resistant to common chemicals, including oils and greases, so it can be used to create durable and robust packaging prototypes for liquids.


Durable is not as resilient as Tough Resin, however, and it is not suitable for high-friction and high-wear parts, although it can be used to create living hinges.


Durable Resin is supplied as a cartridge, compatible with the Formlabs Form 2, Form 3 and Form 3L 3D printers. This cartridge integrates into the printer, and will automatically fill the resin tank when the printer detects resin levels are getting low.


To find out more about Durable Resin or any other Formlabs’ engineering resins, you can email your questions to our team at or call us on 01765 540 115.

More Information
Materials Durable Resin
Manufacturer SKU RS-F2-DUCL-02
Version V2
Brand Formlabs
  • Formlabs Durable Resin Cartridge 1L
  • Can I reuse resin?
    Yes. You can reuse resin that is in your tank after a print, please do not return resin to the resin cartridge to avoid potential contamination. The Form 2 orange cover protects unused resin from ambient light.
  • Can I store unused resin in the resin tank?
    Outside of the printer or resin cartridge, resin can be stored in the standard Resin Tank with the lid on for up to one month and in Resin Tank LT with the lid on for up to two months. Empty or use any excess resin before storing resin tanks for longer than this. Do not pour liquid resin back into the original container.
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