D2 Tool Steel Material 200cm³

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D2 Tool Steel is specifically engineered to provide high abrasive wear resistance. It is air-hardening and easy to machine in the annealed condition, making it an outstanding choice for cold-work applications.

Markforged D2 Tool Steel is formulated for 3D printing with the Metal X. When heat-treated, parts match wrought heat-treated D2 in hardness. One of the characteristics of D2 Tool Steel is it exhibits minimal distortion when heat treated. Markforged’s product retains the same desirable characteristic.


Heat treating D2 Tool Steel increases its hardness and durability, but it is not strictly necessary. Parts can be used as-sintered. As-sintered parts have a hardness of 54 HRC, while heat treated parts have a hardness of 60 HRC.

Markforged D2 meets the chemical requirements of ASTM A681 and the hardness requirements of ASTM E18. In addition to its abrasion resistance, it has high compressive strength and sharp edges.


You would use D2 Tool Steel for sheet metal fabrication and tooling, wherever the tooling demands high abrasion resistance. Example parts include punches, dies, forming rolls, hand tools, knives and blades. It can also be used for blanking, forming, and to manufacture wear-resistant inserts and trim for products.

D2 Tool Steel exhibits less dimensional change on air hardening than H13 Tool Steel and is also more abrasion resistant because of its high chrome content. Both tool steels have their place in tooling. The high abrasion resistance of D2 can be demonstrated by its use to create cavity plates and wear plates for mechanical applications.

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Materials Tool Steel
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  • Markforged D2 Tool Steel Material
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