3DGence BVOH 1.75mm 500g

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BVOH filament from Verbatim is a water-soluble support material that’s compatible with a variety of 3DGence filaments. It can be used to print support structure at lower temperatures in combination with PLA, PET and PP.


Using the correct support material is important because soluble and breakaway materials have different properties. BVOH dissolves in nothing but water, so is a useful option wherever solvents are not wanted, or where breakaway supports would be impossible or impractical to remove by hand.


You can use soluble support materials for openwork, very thin-walled models, and for supporting structures in models with empty space inside. BVOH dissolves cleanly without the need for chemicals or solvents. It is particularly suited to printing items with overhangs and complex geometries and detailing.


One of the benefits of BVOH is you do not need a dedicated rinsing station to dissolve the support structure - you can use a normal plastic tub filled with water. So long as the model is fully submerged, the BVOH should dissolve cleanly.


BVOH is best used with PLA, PET and PP. If you’re printing with ABS or PEEK, you should use 3DGence ESM-10, which is a solvent-soluble support material. In the cases of PP and PET, you can also use HIPS as a breakaway support material.

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