Markforged X5

The industrial 3D printer for continuous fiberglass reinforced parts
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New for 2017, the Markforged X5 offers you the strength you need for manufacturing functional parts. Print parts faster and cheaper than machining, and utilise the X5’s ability to print Onyx with Fibreglass reinforcement. Parts printed with Continuous Filament Fabrication are up to 20x stiffer and 30x stronger than ABS.

Markforged X5

Precise and Accurate 3D Printing

Designed for accuracy, reliability and unbeatable precision, the Markforged X5 offers a truly first-class 3D printing experience. Offering a 330-mm x 270 mm x 200 mm build volume, the Markforged X5 gives you the space you need to manufacture all manner of parts. It prints with a 50um layer resolution, and offers both cloud-based and local storage software solutions. It’s highly secure too, with single sign-on and two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorised use.

Print Parts Up To 30x Stronger than ABS

The Markforged X5’s core filament is Onyx, a jet-black material that’s part engineering-grade nylon, part chopped carbon fibre. On its own, this material is 20 per cent stronger and 40 per cent stiffer than ABS, but you can go one step further with the X5 by reinforcing Onyx parts with Fibreglass to suit any mechanical end-use application.

Brake Lever in Eiger

When reinforced with Fibreglass, Onyx parts can be stronger than 60 61-T6 aluminium (depending on infill). This makes the X5 the ideal industrial-grade 3D printer for replacing costly machining processes. You can reinforce parts with Fibreglass to benefit from a high strength-to-cost ratio. Fibreglass CFF is robust, lightweight and extremely strong.

Electrical Enclosure


  • Precision: Print true-to-design parts with pinpoint accuracy
  • Materials: Print with Onyx and reinforce parts with Fibreglass
  • Reduced costs: Can completely replace costly machining processes
  • Ease of use: Runs Eiger and has a built-in 4.3” touchscreen control panel

The X5 features continuous fibreglass reinforcement for creating parts that are as strong as metal. Based on the renowned Markforged infrastructure, this is the printer for when strength matters.


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What People Say

“Our first Markforged printer paid itself off in less than 1.5 months and saved us over 81% versus machining.”
– Bill Hollingsworth, Dixon Valve

“The X5 has the additional ability to reinforce the Onyx part with continuous fiber-glass. As a result, it can make composites 9X stronger and 10X stiffer than standard thermoplastics.”
– Rawal Ahmed, 3D Printing

More Information
Materials Onyx, Fibreglass, Onyx ESD and FR, Nylon, Precise PLA
Layer Height 50 microns (0.05 mm)
Build Dimensions 330 mm x 270 mm x 200 mm
Brand Markforged
Connectivity WiFi, USB Stick, Ethernet Cable
Technology Continuous Fibre Reinforcement (CFR)
System Requirements Mac OS 10.7 Lion +, Win 7+, Linux
Software Eiger (Free Trial)
Dimensions 584 mm x 483 mm x 914 mm
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  • Markforged X5 3D Printer
  • 3 x CFF Quick-Change Nozzles
  • 3 x FFF Quick-Change Nozzles
  • 1 x True Bed Build Plate
  • Markforged Cloud & Local Storage Options
  • Markforged Exclusive Eiger Features
  • Additive-X X5 Installation & Training Course
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