3DGence HIPS 1.75mm, 1kg

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HIPS by Spectrum Filaments is an intriguing filament, for not only can it be used as a dissolvable or breakaway support material, it can also be used to manufacture protective housings, packaging and containers.


When used as a dissolvable support material, HIPS dissolves cleanly when submerged in a concentrated citric acid (D-Limonene) solution. When used as a breakaway support material, HIPS breaks away well with minimal force. When used as a primary build material, HIPS demonstrates similar elasticity to rubber with high impact resistance.


This 3DGence HIPS material is compatible with the 3DGence ONE and 3DGence F340 3D printers and can be printed in combination with most materials where the printing temperatures are in the same range. ABS is a good example of a compatible material. In the case of the F340, HIPS can be printed with the PRO and HF modules.


As a primary built material, HIPS is most widely used to make pre-production prototypes because it has excellent dimensional stability and is easy to machine and process. It is shock proof and incredibly strong and resistant against impact. It’s also inexpensive, and the ability to dissolve unwanted prototypes is quite useful.


Because of its wide range of applications, High Impact Polystyrene is a useful material to have in any 3D printing setup.

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