Ultimaker Print Core BB (0.8mm)

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The Ultimaker 0.8mm Print Core BB for the Ultimaker 3 & S5 enables you to print water-soluble PVA faster than ever, to speed up workflow efficiency.


Designed to print PVA support material exclusively, the 0.8mm Print Core BB keeps up with the Ultimaker 0.8mm Print Core AA to ensure accurate, consistent results. Use it to print your support material quickly, and easily swap it out with a 0.4mm core for more detailed or intricate models. Swapping the core out is as easy as 1-2- 3.


Compatible with the Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker 3 Extended and the Ultimaker S5, we recommend keeping a spare 0.8mm Print Core BB in your workshop to reduce potential downtime. A clogged print core cannot extrude filament, so having a spare to hand makes sense. The 0.8mm BB core should always be paired with the 0.8mm AA core, and not the 0.4mm cores.


The product for sale on this page is a genuine OEM product. You will receive a brand new 0.8mm Print Core BB. We also stock the 0.4mm Print Core BB.


To find out more about the Ultimaker 0.8mm Print Core BB, contact us today.

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