Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit

Complex stainless steel parts made simpler
Available for Pre-Order
£1,050.00 £1,260.00
  • A seamless desktop metal FFF workflow
  • Print high-quality stainless steel parts
  • Create small series affordably
  • Flexibly switch between plastics and metal

Explore a new range of metal 3D printing applications by upgrading the Ultimaker S5 with the Metal Expansion Kit. Its easy workflow makes creating stainless steel parts easier, more efficient, and affordable. Take advantage of a new range of metal 3D printing applications. Its seamless workflow makes creating stainless steel parts easier, more efficient, and affordable. From small series of small tools to auxiliary components.


Ultimakers new Metal Expansion Kit gives you the flexibly to switch between two materials. With the Kit added to your printer, it means your printer is now capable of printing both plastic and metal parts. Easily and efficiently switch between the two by changing print cores and expand the application range of your Ultimaker 3D printer to creating parts with more demanding properties.


Metal 3D printing is easier when everything's taken care of. The Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit for the Ultimaker S5 provides software optimizations, access to post-processing services, extensive e-learning modules, and more. These ensure you can quickly go from CAD design to metal part with minimum hassle and maximum confidence.

More Information
Manufacturer SKU 9555
Technology Metal FFF
Weight (KG) 4.5kg
Brand ultimaker
  • BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse® 17-4 PH (1 kg)
  • BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse® Support Layer (300 g)
  • Packaging for green parts and a voucher toward post-processing
  • Ultimaker Print Core CC 0.4
  • Ultimaker Print Core DD 0.4
  • Magigoo Pro Metal (50 ml) adhesive
  • Free Ultimaker Cura software with optimized metal part slicing features
  • Access to exclusive metal FFF e-learning content on Ultimaker Academy
  • What problems does the metal expansion kit solve?

    Although metal printing on an FFF printer like the Ultimaker S5 was already possible, the process was still labour intensive and time-consuming and required a lot of knowledge. With the Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit it delivers a complete solution that enables the user to go from CAD to metal part with minimum hassle.

  • What are the key applications of the Metal Kit?

    The Metal Expansion Kit is ideal for creating low volumes (series of 1-20 pieces) of non-standard small parts. This includes applications such as functional prototypes, tools, jigs & fixtures, replacement parts for production lines, and auxiliary components.

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