Ultimaker BB Print Core (0.4mm)

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Ultimaker Print Cores help you make the most material combinations, to give you geometric freedom, the ability to print in two colours, and to improve workflow efficiency.

The Ultimaker Print Core BB is for support material (PVA). It features an auto-nozzle lifting system for seamless swap-outs and reliable dual-extrusion printing.

Because the Ultimaker Print Core BB only supports PVA, you can make do with only having one. However, with two or more print cores, you can customise nozzle geometries for different print results. This is beneficial if you want to print a support structure that’s thin or thick. It is also important to consider that Print Cores must be properly maintained to function correctly. If they are not properly maintained (cleaned), then they can fail. If your Print Core BB is failing, then you may need to purchase a new one.

The Ultimaker Print Core BB for sale here is an official Ultimaker product. We recommend that you purchase a back-up BB Core if you rely on your Ultimaker 3 or S5 for everyday 3D printing.

For help choosing the right Ultimaker print core, contact us here. You can also find out how to use Ultimaker Print Cores here.

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