Ultimaker 2+ Advanced 3D Printing Kit

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The Ultimaker Advanced 3D Printing Kit will help you to get the most consistent and reliable printing results.


This kit includes the following items:

2x 0.4mm Nozzles;
2x TFM Couplers;
25x Adhesion Sheets;
1x Door.


Here’s what you need to know about them:


0.4mm Nozzles

You should replace your nozzles when they become clogged, and when they cannot be unclogged through manual extrusion or by utilising the Atomic Method. The nozzles included in the Kit are Ultimaker nozzles; they are direct replacements for your old nozzles.


TFM Couplers

TFM Couplers can be affected by high temperatures, and over time they may degrade. The Ultimaker Advanced 3D Printing Kit includes x2 TFM Coupler replacements, to reduce downtime. Replacing the Couplers is relatively easy once you remove the Bowden tube.


Adhesion Sheets

The adhesion sheets are applied directly over the Ultimaker’s build plate. They promote and improve part-bed adhesion, and they completely replace glue sticks. The sheets are also reusable, and if looked after, each sheet will last through several print cycles.



This is perhaps the best feature of the Ultimaker Advanced 3D Printing Kit. The Door effectively locks in the warmth of the printer from the heated bed, to create a more stable environment for prints. It protects prints from external influences, and can maintain a constant internal temperature of 45°C, to reduce the chance of warping and delamination; we recommend the Door when printing with ABS, CPE+ and PC.

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