Ultimaker 2+ Maintenance Kit

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The Ultimaker 2+ Maintenance Kit includes everything you need to carry out routine maintenance on your Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer. It will also enable you to get back up and running should disaster strike, with the components you need to solve blocked nozzle and Bowden tube problems, and much more. This Maintenance Kit is excellent value for money, considering it includes a Bowden tube pack, a Pulley pack, Olsson nozzles and timing belts. It also includes a glass plate, Fan pack and calibration card plus much more.

Here's everything you get in the pack:
1x Fan Pack
1x Bowden Tube Pack
1x Olsson Nozzle 0.4
1x P100 B Sensor
2x TFM Couplers
2x Build Platform Retainer Back
1x Hot End Isolator
1x Calibration Card
1x Magnalube tube
1x Unilube bottle
1x Heater Cartridge 24V 35W
1x Print Head Aid

We recommend the Ultimaker 2+ Maintenance Kit to anybody who uses their Ultimaker 3D printer regularly. Over time, your printer will need certain components replacing, to function at its best. This Maintenance Kit is an all-in-one solution, with all the necessary parts needed to make routine maintenance fast and easy. Any questions? Simply give our team a call on 01765 540 115, or email us at web@goprint3d.co.uk for assistance.

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