Ultimaker TPU 95A Filament, Black

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Ultimaker TPU 95A is a thermoplastic polyurethane that’s flexible and strong. This filament is ideally suited to printing functional prototypes and final products, due to its high quality finish. It is exceptionally resistant to wear and tear, has a very high impact strength and has up to 580 per cent elongation at break; so it’s very, very flexible.

TPU 95A is used worldwide by product designers and engineers, who require a material that can serve a broad range of functional prototypes and products. For example, not only can TPU 95A be used to print complex shapes, but it can be used to conform to an existing part’s geometry. Think shoe inserts, smartphone cases and wrist bands, and you have a brief idea of the capabilities of this product. TPU 95A is also resistant to organic compounds and many common industrial oils and chemicals. And perhaps best of all, Ultimaker TPU 95A prints quickly, for a fast and seamless experience on Ultimaker 2 and 2+ machines.

Available in white, red, blue and black, we recommend Ultimaker TPU 95A for prototyping and product design; however, it’s handy to have whether you have a need for it right now or not. Use it to print seals and protective shells for brittle parts, or to create incredible products.

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Materials TPU 95A
Weight (KG) 0.75
Brand Ultimaker
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