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New for 2018, Ultimaker Tough PLA is a high-performance PLA (polylactic acid) that’s biodegradable and BPA free. It is stronger and tougher than regular PLA, with very similar mechanical properties to ABS but with faster print speeds.


Specially formulated for high rigidity and tensile strength, Ultimaker Tough PLA is dimensionally stable and is an excellent choice for 3D printing high-impact models and parts. With it, you can print durable, impact resistant models without worrying about your models warping or deforming during the print process.


Designed for functional prototyping, tooling and manufacturing aids, Ultimaker Tough PLA is more reliable than Ultimaker ABS when printing large models and it is stiffer too. It prints with a matte finish and gives off a ‘sweet’ smell during extrusion.


Ultimaker Tough PLA is also compatible with Ultimaker PVA and Breakaway support systems, so it offers full geometric freedom for designers. The tensile strength at break is rated at 37 MPa and the elongation at break is rated at 3.1 per cent. So, this is an exceptionally strong and rigid filament. To find out more about it, contact us or read the technical data sheet attached in the ‘downloads’ tab above.

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Materials Tough PLA
Weight (KG) 0.75
Brand ultimaker
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  • Ultimaker Tough PLA - Black
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