Ultimaker PVA Natural (350g)

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Ultimaker PVA is a water-soluble support material that works best with PLA and Nylon. This material is dual-extruded with the core filament, to support delicate parts.

Parts with overhangs, deep internal cavities or intricate geometries can be 3D printed consistently with PVA being used as the support material. Ultimaker’s formulation isn’t as moisture sensitive as other products on the market, and it offers excellent thermal stability to reduce the risk of degradation, and to improve part-to-part consistency.

Ultimaker PVA dissolves completely in water, without any chemicals. Regular tap water can be used as the catalyst for this. We recommend that you use warm water with a temperature not exceeding 35 °C to speed up the dissolving time. Cold water can be used, but the dissolving time will be higher. You can also partially dissolve / soften PVA in water for ten minutes, and then manually snip away the supports with some pliers.

Ultimaker PVA is biodegradable and produces no harmful by-products when dissolved. This makes it a safe and environmentally-sound choice. It works well with PLA and Nylon - two materials that are prone to warping, and especially so when intricate geometries are being printed. To find out more about Ultimaker PVA, you can contact us at this page.

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