FLEX accessory for INDUSTRY F350

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Enables users to print flexible materials on the 3DGence Industry F350 printer



All 3DGence INDUSTRY F350 printers are ready to use the FLEX accessory with a firmwear update.


Due to their specific properties, flexible materials have higher requirements in terms of machine design and printing parameters.


3DGence have developed a FLEX accessory to enable users to 3D print from flexible materials. It ensures the transport of material to the extruder preventing incorrect loading or printing errors.


The FLEX accessory also provides an alternative place to load other certified model materials available from 3DGence and is able to read NFC tags from 3DGence materials.


The FLEX accessory can be installed by the user.

More Information
Operating Temperature Working temperature 18-30C Storage temperature 20-54C
Power Requirements Dedicated plug inside INDUSTRY F 350 printer
Dimensions Dimensions
of the accessory 466 x 285 x 191 mm
Max. dimensions with open door 466 x 285 x 613 mm
Packaging dimensions 600 x 400 x 300 mm
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Weight (KG) 8.5
Brand 3DGence
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  • Bowden tube 270 mm]
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