AMT’s fully automated post-processing solutions are designed specifically for the additive manufacturing industry, transforming 3D-printed parts into production-ready parts, consistently and quickly. It is made for companies scaling up their additive manufacturing facilities into high volume production lines. PostPro chemical vapor smoothing smooths and seals the surface of 3D printed polymer parts. Achieving a surface finish with an injection molded look and feel. Sealed surfaces are easier to dye and to certify for skin and food contact while keeping dimensional accuracy without marks from fixtures. PostPro technology is highly controllable, allowing reproducible results with no degradations of a parts’ mechanical properties. Delivering performance-enhanced and aesthetically pleasing parts in a matter of minutes whether you need durable automotive and aerospace components, compliant medical and dental devices, or aesthetically enhanced consumer goods, PostPro technology has been designed to fit right in. The process is non-line-of-sight and therefore can smooth complex geometries and internal cavities of thermoplastic parts without degrading the mechanical properties. Combined with UL & CE certification, the patented PostPro vapor smoothing technology is recommended by the world leading additive manufacturing players. PostPro DP is the solution for cleaning or shot blasting parts hour after hour. It is ergonomically designed and equipped with features to increase throughput and take your production to the next level. AMT's PostPro depowdering machines work with all powder-based printer platforms including HP Multi Jet Fusion, EOS, and 3D Systems, as well as a range of thermoplastic polymers such as polyamides and elastomeric materials.