3DGence PC (Polycarbonate)

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3DXMAX PC (Polycarbonate) by 3DXTECH is a high-performance, engineering-grade 3D printing filament supported by the 3DGence F340 and other FFF/FDM 3D printers that can reach an extrusion temperature above 300° C.


This filament is easily cut, sawn, drilled and machined, making it a good choice for postprocessing. You can use it to print functional prototypes and end-use parts, moulds, housings and enclosures. It’s widely used in electronics because it’s a good insulator with high heat resistance and flame retardance.


This particular strain of PC is made using Lexan Polycarbonate from Sabic which has excellent impact resistance and strength. It prints with a smooth surface finish and exhibits high dimensional stability. For complex geometries and overhangs, it can be paired with ABS as a breakaway support material.


PC is suitable for short series production runs because it prints relatively quickly. 3DXMAX PC resists temperatures up to 147° C (which is higher than most other PC’s) and demonstrates high toughness, especially for non-transparent parts. It is stronger than ABS and PLA but not as strong as PEEK or CoPA (Nylon). Use this filament to manufacture models and parts with high impact resistance and toughness.

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Materials Polycarbonate
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Brand 3DGence
Colour Black
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