3DGence ESM-10 1.75mm

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3DGence ESM-10 is a solvent-soluble support material designed for use with high-performance engineering plastics like PEEK. It enhances manufacturing capability by enabling you to print models and parts with complex support structures that would be impossible or impractical to remove by hand.


ESM-10 can be used in combination with a variety of 3DGence filaments, including ABS and PEEK. In fact, it is specially engineered to print with PEEK, remaining stable even as the build chamber rises above 80 °C.


The most applicable application for ESM-10 is high-temperature print jobs, where support materials like PVA and BVOH are unsuitable. These materials have a tendency to breakdown and fail at higher temperatures. ESM-10 remains stable at higher temperatures and is one of the only support materials in the world that does.


The dissolving process for ESM-10 requires a dedicated solvent called VXL Solve. The resulting sediment can be safely discharged into the sewage system, so you don’t have to store it and dispose of it separately.


In addition to PEEK, ESM-10 can also be used alongside 3DGence ABS. In either case, for best results, models should be placed in a cleaning station to allow the solvent to dissolve the support material. We recommend the 3DGence SDS tank.

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Materials ESM-10
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Brand 3DGence
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