Markforged Replacement Leveling Shims

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Markforged print beds click into place within a 10-micron accuracy - which is one of the best on the market. However, even on a level working area this is not necessarily enough to guarantee a flatness within a few millimetres.


As a result, replacement Levelling Shims are offered to aid in alignment and levelling so that producing consistent parts is possible every time.


The replacement levelling shims on sale here today are genuine Markforged products. In the pack you will receive x 2 shims: 1 x plastic shim (.004 and .102) and 1 x fiber shim (.005 and 0.127). These shims can be used for alignment and levelling to the get the most out of your Markforged 3D printer.


These are recommended for the full Desktop series for Markforged printers. We recommend you use these shims if your parts need to be manufactured within very tight tolerances. We also recommend them if the environment your printer is in is subject to movement and/ or vibration. 

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  • Markforged Replacement Leveling Shims
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