Markforged Desktop Series Plastic Bowden Tube

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The Bowden Tube is a critical component of the Markforged desktop printers. This component feeds onyx (or nylon if using) filament through to the extruder, where it is extruded layer-by-layer by the printer’s dedicated FFF nozzle.

The product you are looking at here today is an official Markforged replacement plastic Bowden tube. This tube will replace your older plastic Bowden tube which may have become damaged over time. For example, Bowden tubes can become clogged with material through extensive use, or they can be stretched or kinked accidentally. If your Bowden tube is clogged or it has become damaged, then you should replace it. If you do not, then the printer's extruder may not be supplied with the filament it needs, which may ruin prints.

The good news with regards to this is that a replacement Bowden tube is an inexpensive piece of equipment. And if you clean any filament left in the tube and you look after it, your replacement tube should last you through over a hundred print cycles. It is also important however to maintain your fibre Bowden tube. This should be replaced alongside your plastic Bowden tube, if it too has become damaged.

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  • Markforged Plastic Bowden Tube
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