Onyx Pro, Mark Two, X5 and X7 Nozzle Pack

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The Mark Two 3D printer has a dual-extruder setup with two nozzles. One nozzle is dedicated to printing the core material, nylon, while the other is dedicated to printing a composite such as fibreglass or carbon fibre. These nozzles combine to create parts that are as strong as 6061 aluminium - and parts that are suitable for mechanical assemblies.

Now, the Markforged Mark Two is an incredibly reliable 3D printer. However, like all printers that print using a fused filament fabrication process, the nozzles on the Mark Two are perishable parts and ideally, they should be replaced every few months depending on your use. If you are a heavy user, then you should probably replace the nozzles monthly.

The good news is that nozzle sets for the Markforged Mark Two are inexpensive. They cost less than £50.00 and for that you get a pack consisting of 1 x FFF and 1 x CFF nozzles. The nozzles can be swapped out quickly and easily and once in place there’s no bedding in process. Your Mark Two will be ready to go straight away. On average, a new nozzle set will last through 100 print cycles so stock up on your nozzles today to keep 3D printing

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